Can I rant? Yes? Good.

So, I woke up today already feeling rushed. I was supposed to get up early and set out the recycling and be productive before I went grocery shopping before it was time to wait for the deliverers to get here with our new mattress(woo new mattress). I didn’t get up early and I didn’t set the recycling out.

I have my coffee because I can’t function without it, I make the little one breakfast and skip my breakfast…which always sets me up for a day of horrible eating. Gah. We get out the door and decide to check out the local farmers market, which was super neat and I found most of the produce I needed for less than I would’ve paid at walmart. I finish grocery shopping and come home to wait for the mattress which was supposed to be delivered between 3:30 and 5:30. I do this weird thing when I’m waiting for something where I just can’t start anything productive. I just don’t want to get into something then they show up. Not that I can focus on one thing more than a few minutes anyways. So, I sit down by the window  so I can see when they get here(I swear I’m not a creeper!) and work on the book I’ve been reading. I sit and read sit and read sit and read andddd finish my book around 5:30. I figure they could still show up because I know people run late, no big deal. I do some other things I needed to do and by 8 I still haven’t heard anything so I put Kaylee to bed and then I get a phone call from the driver two and a half hours late! Honestly, it’s not even the being late thing that bugs me I just feel like 8 is a little late to be delivering things. He tells me he’s getting ready to deliver but he doesn’t have my frame and do I just want him to drop off the mattress and I can go get the frame tomorrow.  I have a pretty small car so I told him I’d need him to deliver it all together he tells me that’s fine and we will reschedule for Saturday. I was bummed I didn’t get the new bed when I expected but all well. I go about my evening and get into bed around 9:30 and play on the ipad. At TEN O’CLOCK I get a phone call from a number I didn’t know so I didn’t answer. They call 2 more times and I call back and it is the sales rep I bought the mattress off of telling me they can deliver the mattress and frame TONIGHT! Is this not crazy to anyone else?! She said that if I don’t do it tonight they probably won’t be able to deliver for another week or so. So here I am at 11pm waiting for my mattress to be delivered.

I’m glad to get it today and not have to wait but 11 is a little late. Maybe I’m just getting’s probably that. 


2 thoughts on “Can I rant? Yes? Good.

  1. Oh my, that sounds like quite an ordeal. An a new mattress is SO nice to look forward to. Did they end up ever delivering it that night? Or did they just set it outside your door around 2am and run off into the night?!

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